What is SoDone?

For you to have successful job hunting in Japan

SoDone is a service where you can find Professionals / Senpai and consult with them online


  1. Not knowing Japanese job hunting rules. Hard to demonstrate your dedication.
  2. Can only imagine what the job would be like, and unable to discuss real insightful information.
  3. Preparing documents from your own limited knowledge.
  4. Cannot experience Interviews with (Japanese) business professionals. You will appear Nervous and Awkward.
  1. Able to comply with Japanese job hunting Rules. Demonstrate your dedication!
  2. Entirely understand what the job entails.
  3. Preparing documents to meet the company’s complex requirements.
  4. Be able to experience Interviews with (Japanese) Business professionals. You will appear more qualified.

How does So Done work?

Example: Interview Practice and Resume Support

  • STEP.1
    Find Senpai from the industry you would like to join
    (Example: Aviation)

  • STEP.2
    Find senpai from your country of origin
    Can also search by University, Faculty, Background, and Job Category etc.

  • STEP.3
    Chat and Apply The Service and Pay

  • STEP.4
    Work together with Senpai(Online or Face-to-Face)

  • STEP.5
    Now Ready to Apply for your dream job!

Now you understand our service, don’t hesitate any longer to achieve your goals.

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